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Let’s be honest, the best thing about Christmas time is the holidays!

Whether you are traveling overseas on a well-earned vacation or road tripping to visit loved ones, you want to feel comfortable without compromising on style! Well no stress girl, we’ve got your back!

Our D.I.W.O.® PRO Freddy pants are our go-to for travel wear.

Made from a Rhodia Polyamide which we like to call Smart Yarn, the DNA of this patented new to world fabric contains bioactive minerals to actually beautify your skin with wear! Which basically means, the more you wear these babies, the minerals will work to make your skin more beautiful. They boast to increase your skin's elasticity, reducing surface skin imperfections and even cellulite!

Yes, even CELLULITE! We know it sounds almost too good to be true, but we’ve put these to the test ourselves and been overjoyed with the results. It is no coincidence that our D.I.W.O.® PRO fashion pants are one of our best sellers!

Wondering what the D.I.W.O.® stands for? Dry In, Wet Out. Simply, breathable fabric to keep your pins feeling fresh. A lifesaver for those outfit repeaters out there! It’ll bring bodily heat from the inside, out, so you can keep cool even on the hottest of dates this holiday season.

Our WR.UP shaping technology is, of course, featured as well as our infamous cheeky ultra-thin silicone to boost your assets and highlight your butt, waist, and curves.

A huge congratulations to our 1st December winner hp***er@live.com.au who has won the FREDDY WR.UP Navy Blue Fashion pants and the ultimate Bondi Sands gift Pack. 

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