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The Denim Effect

Our Denim Effect Pants are not your average jeans, our patented design with BI.Elastic material will smooth, our considered stitching will shape, and the strategically placed ultralight silicone will give your booty a boost. Our Denim is made from 80% Cotton and 20% Elastane which makes it super soft and comfortable. 

Freddy Pants won’t stretch out of shape like the other jeans in your life, so getting the right size is key!

Here’s how you can double check you’ve got the right size, or for the ladies looking to try Freddy Pants for the first time, find your size!

Step 1. Visit our size guide

Step 2. Make sure to measure around the widest part of your bottom, as our sizing is judged by the bottom and thighs.

Step 3. See which sizing range you fit into. If you are in-between sizes always choose the next size up. This will ensure your Freddy Pants stay in great condition for longer. Remember, they won’t stretch out of shape so going smaller isn’t recommended, as they won’t give with time.

Step 4. Buy ALL the Freddy Pants! They are seriously addictive – here’s what everyone’s saying about them!

Here's what everyone is saying about FREDDY denim;

Whilst you wait for your new Freddy Pants to arrive to your doorstep, you can plan happy hour with friends, movie night with bae, or a shopping spree to showcase your new pants! Let’s be honest, we all love a reason to wear our new fave’s!

Why are we so loved?

Freddy Pants are a patented product designed in Italy at the fashion capital of the world, Milan. Not only will they not stretch out of shape like the other jeans in your life, Freddy Pants are also made from a cotton jersey making them the most comfortable pants in the world!

You can always look amazing in a pair of Freddy Pants – whether you are doing a quick run to the shops or a night out. Our pants are so versatile, from day to night we’ve got your back!


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