WR.UP® Snug Jeans

We’ve combined our world famous WR.UP® shaping technology with 100% real, organic denim and added 5 functional pockets.

WRUP® SNUG is a level up from your classic denim jean. Using a weave denim means these are thicker and allows for more traditional denim treatments like rips and newer dying techniques.Whether they’re high-waisted jeansmid-rise jeans, or flare jeans, FREDDY WR.UP® SNUG jeans are absolute essentials in any wardrobe.

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FREDDY’s WR.UP® SNUG jeans are designed for the unstoppable, as they’re made from soft bi-elastic fabric that stretches to suit your curves.

Versatile, fitted jeans that shape and accentuate your figure in all the right places are exactly what’s needed to perk up your wardrobe. You’ll love the booty-shaping design of our jeans.

With a style that loves your body no matter the shape, you’ll find something just right here. If you like high-waisted jeans that sit above your belly to define your waist and make you look taller and leaner, browse our high-waisted options. If you love the look and feel of flattering mid-rise jeans, there’s no doubt we’ve got a pair you’ll adore here. And, for the classic ‘00s style, browse our range of unbelievably comfortable flared jeans. 

FREDDY WR.UP® SNUG jeans also offers a vast range of denim flare pants, with everything from the kick flare to bell bottoms to super-stylish high-waisted ⅞ flares - all in classic denim colours.

Our world-famous FREDDY WR.UP® SNUG jeans have a patented booty-shaping design, and they feature five functioning pockets. They’re 100% sustainable, made with organic cotton and other post-consumer recycled fabrics, and they’re available as tapered high-waisted jeans or on-the-hip mid-rise jeans.Feel the difference when wearing jeans that hug in all the right places. Shop now to experience the flattering FREDDY WR.UP® SNUG fit.