Petite 7/8 Length Women's Pants

Women's petite pants need to fit perfectly, and that's why we offer them in all styles, including ankle length for if you're over 170cm.

Perfect for work or play, these versatile ankle pants for women will help you look confidently put together every day.

Have a pair of statement shoes that need to be in the limelight? Wear these short pants with your favourite kicks, and add a stylish sweater to show your true style. These petite pants are tailored to fit those who need shorter lengths without sacrificing flair and comfortability.

Perfect for work or play, these versatile ankle-length petite pants will help you look confidently put together every day. 

This collection is made with the best bi-elastic materials on the market, so you can rest assured knowing they'll hold up over time while still maintaining their shape and colour - even after multiple washes! Plus, because they're so lightweight and breathable, they won't make you hot or uncomfortable like other denim pants might. Plus, these pants have stretchability throughout, win! So, no matter what size you are or where your body falls on the spectrum (from petite to curvy size), there will be a fit for you!

Our patented WR.UP® faux leather pants are perfect for women who want to keep their look trendy and edgy, but also want to feel confident that they're wearing something comfortable enough to move around easily in. From casual ankle-length leggings to sophisticated full-length denim pants and everything in between. We have everything you'll need to complete your perfect look.  

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