Women's Flared & Bell Bottom Jeans

Flared Pants are a great way to add some vintage flair to your style. Our range of Flared Pants and Women's Bell Bottom Jeans are designed to help you look and feel amazing, with our iconic booty shaping technology to give you a flattering shape.

At Freddy, we've elevated this classic look with our extensive range of flared pants and women's bell bottom jeans, marrying vintage aesthetics with contemporary comfort and design.

Discover Freddy's Versatile Range of Flared Jeans and Bell Bottoms

What makes Freddy's flared leggings and women's pants unique? All our pants feature Freddy WR.UP® patented technology that shapes and accentuates your figure while delivering unbelievably comfy pants that you can dress up (and down) to suit any occasion. 

Available in high-rise and mid-rise, Freddy flares hug your body in all the right places and add a bit of drama to your wardrobe. From subtle kick flares to statement bell bottom flares, there's a flare for every body. 

The Retro Revival: How Flare Pants and Bell Bottom Jeans Became Modern Staples

Flared pants are a nostalgic throwback to the 70s music scene, made fashionable by retro icons like Cher, Abba and David Bowie. Now, flares are getting the love they deserve once again, with this style quickly becoming a modern staple in our everyday wardrobes. 

We love keeping it casual by pairing your Freddy flares with a cute crop, chunky heels and slouchy sweater for a comfy, stylish look to suit every style and body type. 

Elevate Your Look with Freddy's Range of Flared Jeans and Pants

At Freddy, we are all about pants that make you look and feel amazing. Add some drama to your look with our flared denim pants collection or our full range of high, mid and low-rise women's pants.

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